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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to School

From what I have heard, there are several schools that are now in session.  I know that in Oklahoma, there were a couple schools that started in the middle of August.  Well, we here in North Dakota are starting to get prepared for the sacred lessons.  I am actually looking forward to school this year. I will be a senior and cannot wait till high school is over.  We are starting September 1st!

It is crazy how fast the summer went!  It all started with the threat of a flood and will end in the same state.  There are several predictions out there that Minot will flood again sometime in October.  All we can do is put our trust in the Lord and believe that he will bring us through it.  We were able to pack this summer vacation with loads of fun and travel.  We were able to see family in two states, something that dosen't happen every summer.  But all good things must come to end sometime.  Not saying that school isn't good, but...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friends Night

  The school year is quickly approaching, I start September 1.  Actually, I am half excited about the school year.  But with order soon coming, some of us boys in the church had to have one last night of disorder.  We got together and played some Xbox.  This night started at midnight and the last kid did not go to bed until after 8 am!  They sure are some crazy kids!

  Nothing too exciting has happened since youth camp.  Things are slowing moving along after the flood.  There has been little progress from the city since the flood.  They have tried to keep things difficult for the citizens that were flooded.  They have been requiring certified contracrors to do the work on the house, rather than the homeowner being able to do the rebuilding, at least that is the way I understand it.  Keep us in your prayers please.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Youth Camp

  I had a wonderful time at youth camp this year.  Bro. Stanley Gleason from the state of Oregon did a terrific job.  It was great seeing him and I hope that he thoroughly enjoyed his time in North Dakota.  We actually had a baptism on Friday night of camp.  One of the campers decided they wanted to get baptized, so they talked to her Pastor and then it happened.  We were not able to play a staff versus campers softball game this year due to the weather.  It rained Thursday and Friday.  The rain did allow us time inside to get to know each other better, though.  I did not bring my camera so pictures will not be on this blog most likely.