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Saturday, June 25, 2011


  I posted a picture in an earlier post of Jared going through some water.  In that picture you could still see a lot of green, that green stuff called grass is no longer visible.  If you have ever seen our house you will know that there are railroad tracks across the street.  The water is officially over the tracks and has made a lake of the rock quarry over the railroad tracks.  I am not in North Dakota at the moment so I do not have the greatest update on how much more water we are expecting but whatever it is, it is not good.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

6/23 Flood Watch

I guess you could kinda say that it is official that Minot is flooding.   Water is already close to our porch where we were building a house.  Our basement is most likely flooded.  We are expecting ten more feet of water.  AMAZING!  If California or Arizona or maybe even Texas needs some water please let us know.  It is unbelievable to think of what is going to happen.  If we truly get ten more feet of water our roof will be safe, that is good. The sad part is that our house would probably be moved off of its foundation which would mean we know exactly what our clean up plan is, destroy the old house and build a new one.  Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6/22 Flood Update

Our city alarms are going to be sounding at any time telling residents to get out of their homes immediately.  In some places that water is starting to breach the dikes.  Close to our house-to-be the water is probably around six inches under the dike.  I will try to keep you updated as much as I can.  Thanks for all of your prayers!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6/21 Flood Watch

We are pretty confident, barring a major miracle, that there will be a new lake in North Dakota.  Lake Minot will start Thursday morning at 1:00 am and be here for the better part of the summer.  Sounds like a good time to go on vacation to me.  I woke up at around 8:30 this morning to go to work, I worked till 9:30 then was called to help people evacuate.  Just about now at midnight have we got everything accomplished.  There is a lot of danger and not much hope.  But we will keep our heads up and hope for the best.  Above is a picture of, at least we are assuming, Jared going through some water at our lake front property in Terracita Vellajo.

Monday, June 20, 2011

6/20 Flood Watch

  Well, it looks as though we may just be in the middle of another flood watch.  From my understanding, there is a higher chance that the flood will happen this time.  Last time we had one of these just a couple of zones in Minot was under mandatory evacuation, this time nine zones in Minot are under mandatory evacuation.  We are hoping and praying that everything will be fine once again, but at the same time we have to stay in reality.  We are having a lot of this trouble because of the Canadians.  They don't feel like flooding so they send their water our way and we can't really do anything with it.  But the Lord would suggest to love them anyway.  The city of Minot is raising the dikes three feet higher to combat against the water that Canada was originally plannig on releasing, but now them Canadians have it in mind to release double the amount of water.  The rain has not been going away so this has been adding to their trouble.  Hoepfully it will all work out in the end.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

6/02 Flood Watch

  Well, we were told today that the river crested sometime around 2:00 am.  Hallelujah!  Now we have to wait and see what will happen when they release the water from Lake Darling.  They are planning on doing it in such a way that it will not flood Minot.  The other thing that we have to watch is to see how much rain water we receive.  If we get another big storm it could, again, jeopardize some homes.  We are still in a wait and see phase but things are looking like they will turn out alright.  Thanks for all the prayers and such!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

06/01 Flood Watch

Today the Souris River did not crest.  It is expected to happen sometime tomorrow evening.  It seems to me that they hyped it up a little bit too much about it potentially flooding today.  I heard that they normally can judge when it will happen within a six to twelve hour conclusion.  Well, they were about thirty-six hours off then.   There main reason they wanted some places evacuated was to enable them to build seconday dikes which would enclose some people to their homes.  Right now we are just at a wait and see period.  Hopefully everything works out. 

Flood Update

  Finally got done helping people around 2:30 am.  It has been a long day, started off with putting up cabinents in the house and was finished by having to take stuff out of houses.  We are hoping for the best, but it looks as though there is several feet of water expected to go into the Souris River which is expected to make the city flood.  In some houses they are expecting water to be three feet or higher on the main level of the home.  You also have to realize that these houses are around four feet of the ground level.  That would be a seven foot swimming pool in your backyard.  Every bridge that I have seen, with water flowing under it, there is no separation between the bridge and the river.  It justs flows into the side of the bridge but not over it.  I heard a story today that in the great flood of 69' here they had to blow up a bridge because the water could not get around it and it was kinda acting like a dike.  That is all for right now.  Will post again when more trouble happens.  Got a few things to post now I am just looking for the time to do it.