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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Big Surprise

The big surprise is that Jessica got the Holy Ghost !!! She was praying really hard tonight and finally God gave her the Holy Ghost. Bro. Vaughn Pearson preached because we were supposed to be preaching somewhere else and be on our way to District Conference. Elder Pearson cancelled District Conference Tuseday with the chance of all the flooding in Fargo. My dad was thankful that Elder Pearson cancelled District Conference. Here are a few pictures...

Jessica receiving the Holy Ghost

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jessica's Birthday Party

Jessica had her birthday party last Saturday. She invited six friends over for her sixth birthday. For her birthday she had a tea party. She has not received any of her birthday spankings yet. Here are a couple of pictures...

Hospital Visit

Just a Little Talk About the Weather

So as of March 22nd we were believers that spring had finally come. A portion of our parking lot had become a small lake and we almost went fishing in our yard. On monday they decided that Fargo was going to be having major flooding and would need close to two million sandbags. And on Tuesday we decided that winter wanted to say at least one last farewell. Yes, it snowed some more. My dad drove in it a little bit and he said that it was the most treacherous weather he has driven in yet this winter.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Saturday we had our second quiz tournament of the year. Jared's team (Minot 2) consisted of Jared, Clarissa, and Leesha, while Jonathan's team (Minot 1) consisted of Jonathan, Garret, and Preston. Minot 2 was the winner of the first round beating everyone pretty good. It was in the second round that some competition showed up. It was the championship game Minot 1 had to beat Minot 2 twice. In the first game Minot 1 had to get the last four questions, they did. In the second game after many deliberations and two five point fouls against Minot 1, it came down to the last three questions. Minot 1 again had to get them all, Jonathan got the first one incorrect. It was a close tournament Jared had 136 ppq and Jonathan had 99 ppq.