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Monday, March 9, 2009


Saturday we had our second quiz tournament of the year. Jared's team (Minot 2) consisted of Jared, Clarissa, and Leesha, while Jonathan's team (Minot 1) consisted of Jonathan, Garret, and Preston. Minot 2 was the winner of the first round beating everyone pretty good. It was in the second round that some competition showed up. It was the championship game Minot 1 had to beat Minot 2 twice. In the first game Minot 1 had to get the last four questions, they did. In the second game after many deliberations and two five point fouls against Minot 1, it came down to the last three questions. Minot 1 again had to get them all, Jonathan got the first one incorrect. It was a close tournament Jared had 136 ppq and Jonathan had 99 ppq.

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