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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


 Today we celebrated the life of someone that meant a lot to Apostolic Faith Church.  Sis. Olga Newman was one of the oldest saints in the church.  Not just in physical age but also in spiritual age.  She had been attending AFC for over 30 years.  When she passed last Tuesday she was 96.

  This is the second funeral that my dad has had to perform since we moved to North Dakota.  If I ever went into the ministry I would hate to perform a funeral.  It is one of the toughest times to be able to reason with someone because they are going through such a hard time in their life.  You have to be very careful with the words that you use because one wrong word could offend the whole family.  But he has managed and has done a good job.  The previous funeral was for a kid that was like seven years old, it was vastly a different kind of funeral than this one.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

  Thing morning I got up around 3:30 am (the sun is not yet up) to go shopping at the mall and Best Buy.  I stood in the cold and the Best Buy line for around ten minutes.  I jumped on the wonderful opportunity to get my name out there by getting interviewed by two college students who were bored just like me.  After walking around the wall for many hours I began to become slightly delirious.  I had the wonderful idea to walk up to a random person in the mall and ask them the wonderful question of "You look familiar, I think I know you" they would always reply "You don't look familiar" and I would be like "I think I saw you at Disney Land" and they would be like "probably not" and then I would say "My bad" and walk away.  Some of you probably thought that I was joking when I said that I tried to cause trouble on Black Friday, you are wrong.  Another time we were standing in line in Scheels and the lady behind got on her phone and started to talking to her mom.  She said that she ddn't know what to buy of something and so they bought one of each.  She also said that they maxed our their credit cards and had to start using other people's.  Garret and I got the brilliant ideas to get on our phones and act like we were talking on the phone to our moms.  What we talked to our moms about was supposed to be funny and for entertainmnet purposes only.  Eventually, I made it home, read my book and then I CRASHED.  Now I am alive again and trying to cause some other trouble.  Hope you all got in the spirit and had a great time shopping on Black Friday.

Thanksgiving Day

  Sorry about not posting and telling you all Happy Turkey Day (there are certain restrictions on this blog and I am not allowed to say that other term) (Just Joking).  I stayed up until around 5:30 and welcomed in the great day with a smile.  Preston and Garret Pearson were over at our house and spent the night.  We had a great time.  We woke up for a great "Thanksgiving" (Excuse me) Breakfast around 11:00 am which consisted of potatoes, french toast, pumpkin scones, syrup, utensils to eat the food, and that was about it.  At around 4:00 o'clock we went over to the elder Pearson's house and enjoyed a great Thanksgiving Dinner.  After we left the Pearsons's house we searched around town for a Thanksgiving Day Newspaper and were unsuccessful.  The whole Pearson family receives a big shout-out on the world renown blog for giving us an invite to their house to enjoy a great Thanksgiving Dinner.  What made it even better was the fact that they did serve Ham which would almost account for them worthy to receive a double shout-out.  Pigs are much bettter than turkies in my world.  I have a million dollar question with no reward.  Why in the world is Thanksgiving Day called Turkey Day and Christmas is called X-mas or such but Black Friday is not called "day you wake up early in the morning and spend lots of money and are really tired" Day.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Home School Field Trip

  Last week we took a trip down to Bismark and visited our state capital.  It was a very interesting tour that we went on.  Personally, I think that it would be very cool to go to a state legislative session.  It is very interesting how everything works.  Back a long time before I was born they decided to build this new capital building.  They decided that it should be the tallest building in North Dakota.  Even before they decided to build this mini skyscraper for our capital building they had another building that served as the building for our capital.  In one of the legislative sessions there was something proposed to build a new capital building this proposal was shot down but soon after that the capital building just happened to burn down.  Now the state of North Dakota had no other option but to build a new capital building.  It was then decided to build this capital building.  This all happened right around the time of the great depression.  Our capital building is the tallest building in North Dakota with a total of eighteen stories.  When you are on the top floor you can see for around thirty miles.  After that we went to the Heritage Center which was not quite as interesting.  Here are a few pictures of this adventure...

Corn Maze

  Now that it is almost December and fall here in North Dakota is well behind us.  I decided that it would be a good job of posting about the trip to the corn maze we took around a month or two ago.  We had a fun time playing on the hay bails and somehow figuring out the maze without taking any wrong turns.  We had a blast.  It turned that we would go again a second time with our youth group.  It was my mission to get lost and try to scare other people. Here are a couple of pictures of the big ordeal...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hunting Trip

  A couple of weeks ago we went on our hunting adventure.  We drove almost two hours north to a campground that is close to Bottineau.  We stayed the night in a cabin that is at a campground.  There were a total of two deer shot, both of them were does.  Garret and Nate, respectively (always wanted to use that word probably not a good time to use but I am in a free country), were the hunters that accomplished this feat.  We had a great time which included great fellowship, good food, and excluded sleep. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Time flies by...when you are busy

    It is November and we have had only one snow storm.  There is not much to show for that storm right now because the sun is trying to get us warmed back up again.  With the sun still showing, people have been trying to do as much as possible in the little time they have before winter really hits.  That would include doing small things like building houses and stuff like that.  Yesterday we drove about an hour south of Minot and helped someone lay some concrete for their basement.  They knew that we are really skilled in this area and were very glad that we were able to make it...or maybe not.  It did not take that long with all the help that was there.  It really is not that hard to do if at least one person knows what he is doing.  This weekend hunting season starts.  Last year we shot at some animals but they ran away, this year we are going to try not to let that happen.  While we were at the farm my dad was able to sight in the devices that are used to spew a bullet  out of its muzzle at a very fast pace.  He found that one of the guns definitely needed some help, it was way off target.  After some adjusting, it can now hit what the person holding the gun wants it to hit under one condition.  This is a condition that is known to all mankind, it has to be aimed at the animal.  Next week we are going to take our trek out in the wilderness and hope to bring something dead home .  We will definitely need a lot of prayer, you all may be able to accommodate us in that area.

  It is crazy to think that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.  It seems like yesterday that I woke up at 3:00 in the morning to go cause some trouble in the mall on Black Friday and now I will have another opportunity in about three weeks.  Life does not get much better than that.   Christmas, for us, will be a month after Thanksgiving. After Christmas we will have the wonderful opportunity to start doing quizzing once again.  I am sure some of you are thinking that I don't really sound all that excited about quizzing, I would say that you are wrong and that I am definitely excited about quizzing this year.  Things are coming up, happening, then becoming history.  And now this post is officially history.