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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Home School Field Trip

  Last week we took a trip down to Bismark and visited our state capital.  It was a very interesting tour that we went on.  Personally, I think that it would be very cool to go to a state legislative session.  It is very interesting how everything works.  Back a long time before I was born they decided to build this new capital building.  They decided that it should be the tallest building in North Dakota.  Even before they decided to build this mini skyscraper for our capital building they had another building that served as the building for our capital.  In one of the legislative sessions there was something proposed to build a new capital building this proposal was shot down but soon after that the capital building just happened to burn down.  Now the state of North Dakota had no other option but to build a new capital building.  It was then decided to build this capital building.  This all happened right around the time of the great depression.  Our capital building is the tallest building in North Dakota with a total of eighteen stories.  When you are on the top floor you can see for around thirty miles.  After that we went to the Heritage Center which was not quite as interesting.  Here are a few pictures of this adventure...

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