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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Recapitulation Time

  Yesterday, our first quiz tournament of the year was held down in the city of Bismarck.  We were very courageous in our trek down to the capital city having to go through a collision course that included snow, water on the roads, and much wind.   The temperature rose over 30 degrees for the first time this year which was not necessarily a good thing.  About the tournament, there was three teams in the experienced division for this tournament.  Our first quiz was against Bismarck 2 whom we beat in just 20 questions.  Our next quiz was against Bismarck 1 against whom we were not as successful.  They beat us by a very fine margin.  In our third quiz we were faced off against Bismarck 2 once again.  This time it took us 23 questions to beat them.  A couple of errors by me enabled them to be able to lock the quiz and then get a re-read wrong on question 20 to un-lock the quiz and force overtime.   In our fourth quiz we faced Bismarck 1 for our second quiz against them.  We had a chance mid-way through the quiz and then on question 18 I blew all chance of us winning.  They were crowned the champions of the tournament.  I was able to get first placeon the all-tournament team with 98 ppq.  Over all I would grade the tournament for our team as a C+.  Our team needs to get our material down a little bit better to be able to go on to greater things.  It was a fine first tournament with a lot of room for improvement. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Problem

I have been doing this blogging thing for about two years plus another half of a year.  It has really taken off into something that hasn't gotten very far.  From almost the very first post I ever posted I have had problems with spelling.  I have problems with the words that are words but are not the words that I want them to be.  I don't really like proof reading my work, it is a major problem.  After I publish a post I just don't find the time to edit the crazy thing, so life moves on.  I am aware of this problem, how could I not be with Jared around telling me about the problem all the time.  But we always have to hope for the best.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Youth Trip

Earlier this week our youth group went up north of Minot to a little town called Bottineau.  We went into the Turtle Mountains (which are actually hills) and skied for a day.  The next day we went to the State Park there and went sledding down an even smaller hill.  It was fun to be able to get out in the snow and play around. We never got to cold. At the state park we were able to build a fire and enjoy ourselves.   We played a game of football in the snow.  Problem was that the snow was not deep, but it was packed down so it made it very slick. It was extremely hard to cut on.  Jared was unable to make the trip because of his school.  I said forget about school.  I kind of enjoy going outside in the cold for a whole day and playing in the snow rather than doing schoolwork.  But that is just my personal opinion.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Sky Light

  The church here in Minot decided, when they built the parsonage, to put skylights in the kitchen area of the upstairs so that way there would be some real light instead of that artificial stuff.  That was great and worked well for years until we moved here.  This year after every snow storm we have to go up on the roof and sweep off the sky lights to make sure that when it is zero degrees outside we are not having links inside the house.  Isn't that weird how that works?  It is so cold outside that when you spit your saliva freezes before it hits the ground but you have leaks inside your house.

In other news, we did have a Christmas here in North Dakota.  I have been busy the last little bit with sleeping and everything so I have not had a chance to blog about that.  I would blog about it right now but my mom is not here and she has her camera which contains some pictures in the memory card which is in her camera. Very complex.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010

Yes, I did read this blog before I posted this post.  Yes, I did get the idea from them when I read that they titled their New Year's post "Welcome 2011".  Yes, it is 2011.  It is kind of exciting and depressing all at the same time.  It is exciting because of the fresh new start you get.  It is depressing because, I don't know it just sounded good to say.  Hope you had a great New Year's Day and have a great 2011!