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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Sky Light

  The church here in Minot decided, when they built the parsonage, to put skylights in the kitchen area of the upstairs so that way there would be some real light instead of that artificial stuff.  That was great and worked well for years until we moved here.  This year after every snow storm we have to go up on the roof and sweep off the sky lights to make sure that when it is zero degrees outside we are not having links inside the house.  Isn't that weird how that works?  It is so cold outside that when you spit your saliva freezes before it hits the ground but you have leaks inside your house.

In other news, we did have a Christmas here in North Dakota.  I have been busy the last little bit with sleeping and everything so I have not had a chance to blog about that.  I would blog about it right now but my mom is not here and she has her camera which contains some pictures in the memory card which is in her camera. Very complex.


Garret said...

I was very impressed at that statement you made, editor, about the pictures in the camera. I would have never guessed in my life that pictures are in a card and a card is in a camera.

You have a bright future in Comonsenseology, Editor.

Jonathan said...

Dear Reader,
Thank you very much for the outstanding compliment. If you could please give me the contact information for a college that has a degree in Commonsenseology, it would be much appreciated.