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Friday, November 5, 2010

Time flies by...when you are busy

    It is November and we have had only one snow storm.  There is not much to show for that storm right now because the sun is trying to get us warmed back up again.  With the sun still showing, people have been trying to do as much as possible in the little time they have before winter really hits.  That would include doing small things like building houses and stuff like that.  Yesterday we drove about an hour south of Minot and helped someone lay some concrete for their basement.  They knew that we are really skilled in this area and were very glad that we were able to make it...or maybe not.  It did not take that long with all the help that was there.  It really is not that hard to do if at least one person knows what he is doing.  This weekend hunting season starts.  Last year we shot at some animals but they ran away, this year we are going to try not to let that happen.  While we were at the farm my dad was able to sight in the devices that are used to spew a bullet  out of its muzzle at a very fast pace.  He found that one of the guns definitely needed some help, it was way off target.  After some adjusting, it can now hit what the person holding the gun wants it to hit under one condition.  This is a condition that is known to all mankind, it has to be aimed at the animal.  Next week we are going to take our trek out in the wilderness and hope to bring something dead home .  We will definitely need a lot of prayer, you all may be able to accommodate us in that area.

  It is crazy to think that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.  It seems like yesterday that I woke up at 3:00 in the morning to go cause some trouble in the mall on Black Friday and now I will have another opportunity in about three weeks.  Life does not get much better than that.   Christmas, for us, will be a month after Thanksgiving. After Christmas we will have the wonderful opportunity to start doing quizzing once again.  I am sure some of you are thinking that I don't really sound all that excited about quizzing, I would say that you are wrong and that I am definitely excited about quizzing this year.  Things are coming up, happening, then becoming history.  And now this post is officially history.


Cheri Witmer said...

Hello all, This is Aaron. We are all surprised about the warm weather. We have only had one snow thus far. We are all in a hurry to gather the needed fire wood. I have been hunting a few times since this season has opened. I have had some close encounters. I will pray for you all to get your kills as long as this is reciprocated for me as well, haha. God bless you all. I really miss you all. We are only a few hours away and have already had the invite to visit. We will be sure that happens sometimes soon. We will be in touch. Love you all very much. :)

Jonathan said...

The warm weather has definitely been nice. It has enabled us to do some much needed things. Like I said, we are going on a hunting adventure next week. We will be praying for you all. It is great to hear from you. Miss you all!