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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Family

We have successfully moved from Hillsboro, Oregon to Minot, North Dakota. We have had to endure a little bit of snow, not much rain, and lots of basketball while being here. We have and are still a little bit adjusting to Minot. One of the first things we realized in fact is that it is cold. We realized this when the first snow came in about the first week of December and the first below zero weather came around the second week of December. But our family is adjusting and enjoying!

Jared is a senior this year and has started his first 'real' job. He works two nights a week doing floor maintenance in area businesses.

Jonathan is a freshman, has grown about a foot in the past year, and is still his happy self.

Jessica has made many new girlfriends of whom she is trying to 'straighten out'. She announced recently that she would like to give one of them a bible study so she can teach them to be a better friend.

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