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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Way too long...

Wowser!  It has, as the title implied, been way too long since I have written anything about this on going story of this Family of Starr's lives.  That last sentence has some pretty pathetic grammar, but what is new?  Well, let me tell you.  A lot has happened since we had some family pictures back in September.  Some of those things would include General Conference, GAP Conference, and Thanksgiving.

  General Conference was a grand affair.  It was grand in more ways than a lot of you will ever know!  We flew to Louisville, Kentucky on a Saturday and left that state the following Saturday.  We stayed a quite Royal Plaza, which had a shuttle that could get us anywhere we needed within a certain radius.  The problem was, they had troubles getting us back.  We would go somewhere, call for the shuttle, and then end up having to walk back...it was quite exhausting.  The good news was it helped me work off all the food that I ate.  Which leads me to think about the restaurant that was in the hotel.  This was a very fine restaurant the only problem was...they had only about five viable options on the menu, one of them being a house salad.  It took me awhile before a cheeseburger sounded good again.  Overall, we had a great time.  Church was great, the travel was good, and seeing friends again was grand.

 After General Conference and a month, we had the opportunity of hosting our first annual GAP Conference at our church.  We were able to have Bro. Johnny Godair from Durham, North Carolina and Bro. Scott Marshall, from Russelville, Kentucky as our speakers.  They did a great job and I am sure that many of the ministers were able to go home refreshed.

 Thanksgiving was a wonderful time this year.  On Wednesday night, the day before Thanksgiving, we went over to the Pearson's home to eat a very fine dinner.  On Thursday, the day of Thanksgiving, we stayed at our home and had a wonderful dinner.  We shared memories or thoughts or something to be thankful about and really had a wonderful time eating food.  At eight o'clock that night I headed over to Best Buy so I could stand in line with a friend who decided that he was going to get a tablet.  Lucky for us, he was able to get two tablets for almost the same price as I bought my one tablet.  Yes, I have been hearing about that for the past couple days.  Black Friday is a blast because you are able to stay up all night walking around a mall and do stupid things.  When you do the stupid things people just think that you must be really tired.  Yes, I did do something stupid...I went to the person that works at Subway and asked if she would sell me some diet water.  She looked at me real strange and said "diet water" I said "yes".  She was like "we don't have any" I told her I was sorry.  As I was walking away I could hear her giggling.  She needed something to be able to tell her friends when she got off work.

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