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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Musings from Minot

Alright, so I started not liking "Around the House" and decided to change the name to "Musings from Minot".  Maybe some day I will get real good and bore you by having "Daily Musings from Minot", if that happened you all would probably think that the world was going to end.

 This week we are going to talk about our guest speaker we had in church Sunday, the end of the Hunter Education Course, and at least one other thing.  I would tell you the other thing, but I am afraid if I do you will leave this page right now and that wouldn't be good for my sponsorships.  They might all drop me and I might would have to stop doing the blog.  Okay, maybe the last couple of  lines was a bunch of baloney.

  Sis Gleason came out to the great state of North Dakota over the weekend.  The reason she came was for Ladies Retreat and then we had her stop by our church and talk a little bit in our first service.  I am sure she did a great job (I was not in the first service).  We are very thankful that she was able to make the trip out here.  Today, I am feeling in a generous mood and am going to give her a shout-out (whatever that means).  Sis. Gleason here is your shout-out!  Receive it with honor and dignity.

  Last Thursday Sis. Wendy, Garret, and I took our test for the Hunter Education Course we were endeavoring in.  It turns out we all passed and Sis. Wendy was the only who did not get a question wrong out of the three of us.

  I know that there are a couple of Oregonians that read this blog.  They probably take their laptop outside sit back and relax as the sun beats down on them with rays that make them wonderfully comfortable.  Right now I am not complaining about snow because that is part of North Dakota, take that away and North Dakota would look pretty ugly in the winter, or in the summer for that matter.  What I am complaining about is the rain that keeps on invading the Dakota Territories.  Here I am, someone that is not used to the rain :) and when I wake up in the morning I instantly go into mourning because of all the crazy rain that is beating down on my head coming down outside.  When I moved to North Dakota I figured the snow would be cool (literally), but the rain?  I guess I had not prepared myself mentally for that surprise.

  Here are a couple of "Did you know?" facts.
On this day in the year 1871 the first professional baseball team, opened its first season.
On this day in the year 1904 the United States began construction on the Panama Canal.
On this day in the year 1904 Charles Stewart Rolls meets Frederick Henry Royce in the Midland Hotel in Manchester, England.  They are the founders of the Rolls-Royce.
On this day in the year 1949 almost the entire Torino football team was killed in a plane crash.  Click here to read the full story.  It is actually kind of interesting.


Beth said...

Jonathan, sunshine in Oregon in May????? I only see small slivers of it in the midst of all the rain!

Jonathan said...

That makes me feel a lot better :)