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Monday, December 5, 2011

Nativity Scene

 One day I was staring at this little setup under the coffee table in our living room, trying to figure out what it was.  Then something clicked, somehow, someway my brain started working normally and I realized what exactly this was that I was looking at.  Of course, it would be a nativity scene.  You see Mary and Joseph sleeping over a crib, we are assuming that baby Jesus is in this crib, and you are also able to see some animals. The shepherds have not quite arrived yet, but it is still a few days before Christmas so they still have time to get there.  My sister was very creative in this setup, she was also biblical.  The shepherds may have not arrived yet but neither have the wise men.  In the setup you see above the wise men will never arrive.  One day while my dad was teaching or preaching she heard my dad make reference to the wise men not really being at the stable that Jesus was born in.  A lot of nativity scenes are setup with the wise men being there.  But for those that would have looked close at the scriptures they will have realized this tidbit.  Now I am sure that a lot of the people reading this blog are part of the upper echelon that realize that, but now you can count yourself reminded.
Sadly, this is what the nativity scene looks like right above
the one Jessica created.  But still, the shepherds are not there.
And there is one drunk wise man facing away from Jesus
and worshiping the ground. Hmmm...

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