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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Words With Friends

 As your chance to vote in the poll ends here pretty soon.  I figured I should write my post concerning it now instead of at midnight and risk the chance of getting fired tomorrow for being to sleepy and lackadaisical at work.  As of now, it looks like we got some great results from the poll...all of four votes.  Well, thank you to all the followers that did vote and to you that didn't...try a little harder next time to make a decision.  It really can't be all that hard to make a decision on a multiple choice problem.  To the people out there that has not been made aware of what Words with Friends is here, I shall explain and hopefully help you understand.  Words with Friends is a game that helps people to interact socially.  Some of you are saying "How exactly does that happen?".  Well it helps you use your brain with other people, potentially, around the world.  It also helps bring back an educational game to a generation that does not heed much attention to education.  Because of this game we will probably see one of the more educated and literate generations than America and the world has ever seen.  It really is a great game.  There is one problem with the game you have to have a device powered by either and android or mac operating system.  If you don't have either of those operating systems at your convenience than you have two other options...one of them would be using facebook because there is a way that you can play the game through that particular social-networking site.  There is also another option and that would be downloading the android operating system onto your computer, I am guessing that most of you that are reading this blog would rather pass up on that option...which I don't blame you for doing such a thing.  There is one more option, this one is probably the most complicated of them all...I tried to do it and FAILED!  Yeah, it was a sad day.  This option is loading bluestacks onto your Windows 7 computer.  Anyway, Words with Friends is a great game.  If you want to know my username give me an email at starrjon43@yahoo.com and I will fill you in.  If you don't have email then leave a comment in the comments section and I just might fill you and the rest of the world in on the big news.  Well, I guess that is enough of me rambling...

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