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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Farm

Saturday we woke up and traveled the fifty miles south to the farm. This time it was much more enjoyable than last time. We made some lefsa, which is extremely good to eat fresh of the grill, and had much fun. I took a nice little trip on their four-wheeler, took a little walk which turned into a long one, and tried to stay as far from the work as possible. Jason, Leesha, Garret, and I left a little bit earlier to go hunting. Leesha was the one who was trying to fill a tag. She tried to shoot a deer at around five hundred yards, but missed. Later on she had another chance. The doe was running up a hill trying to escape, Leesha jacked her chamber and out came the bullet that was in the chamber. Her dad was getting very frustrated, yet she was able to stay calm. She reloaded the gun, looked through scope, and knowing that she did not have another bullet pulled the trigger. The deer was in mid-stride when she shot. Jason, being the master hunter he is, saw the deer drop its head. We all rushed up the hill to see if it was there and what we saw was very interesting. We saw the deer on the ground squirming around like it had been shot. Jason calmly walked up to it, raised his shotgun, and POW. The deer was dead. The rest of us walked up to it and saw the deer on its side, and the deer’s legs moving as though it was running away. I really wished I had my camera with me at that moment, but if whishes were horses beggars would ride. It was around this time that Garret and I had the pleasure of watching Jason and Leesha gut out the deer. Oh yea, I almost forgot to say that Leesha's shot was a perfect headshot that knocked out some brains, any eye, and part of the nose. 

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