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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Youth Retreat 09'

It was great!  Bro. Chuck Coburn from Orlando, Florida was our speaker and he did a phenomenal job.  He was a great basketball player, ping pong player, beat boxer, and, I almost forgot, great preacher.  There was a challenge issued for someone to beat him in ping pong after he pretty much beat everyone there including myself. On the last day I was able to pull of the upset.  Later on that day we played some basketball.  The big game was between the campers and the staff.  After Bro. Coburn missed a game winning three and the campers won, my Youth Retreat was awesome.   The services were awesome.  Bro. Coburn had a great testimony of how he got into the church after being recruited by the UNC baseball team.  He went on to backslide and be a drug dealer.  After getting busted and surviving a few scares he was able to get back into the church.  I am sorry that I didn't take any pictures.  My brother took a couple though, so here you are.

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