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Monday, January 25, 2010


  You probably remember the post that I wrote around Christmas time of how bad of a storm we were receiving.  We are receiving another one of those types of storms; however, it is not as bad.  We are home bound, listening to XM radio, and feeling rather lazy.  The best news that came out of this whole ordeal was Bible Quiz Practice was canceled today.  The bad news is our Quiz Tournament is Friday.   In the picture below you can see a dark spot to the left of the house and just before the third telephone pole down, it is a car.  Some brilliant person, probably a native of Mississippi or Arkansas, thought they could make it through a snow drift.  They probably had four wheel drive and was feeling the kind of adventurous feeling you feel when you jump a clothesline.  When they were coming upon the snow drift they probably realized that the snow drift was bigger than their car, but then they remembered that they had four wheel drive.  The brilliant person probably put it in four low and took a plunge.  They are probably at home realizing that they might not be able to get their car back again until the winter in North Dakota has passed.  They got stuck yesterday before the toughest part of the storm came.  I wish this person the best of luck.
  The next picture that I am going to show is a picture of our gym door.  It has not done such a good job of keeping that snow on the outside instead of the inside.  We would fire the door but we are in the middle of winter and realize we must wait till summer before we do anything about this problem.  When summer comes we probably will forget about the whole scenario and the door we keep on making its millions.  The good news in this situation is the door is not next to the basketball hoop.

  One more thing that I am going to say in this long post.  Jared took today off school because of the storm, I already had the day off because I live in a free country and with my parents permission choose to go to school four days a week just like I did it when I went to a christian school in Oregon.  Jared must feel honored to be paying for school and taking days off at the same time, but if he does not go to school tomorrow then there will be a petition thrown by the home school students of this home school.  Let us all hope and pray that if this does happen the educators will grant the petition and we will once again be able to listen to XM radio and not accomplish very much work.


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Cheri Witmer said...

Your are so funny! I love reading your posts. We just got about 6-7 inches here in the last few days :) Probably not even close to you guys!

By the way, check out my food blog and join! http://kitchencomments.blogspot.com maybe your mom would like it, or she could leave a few recipes in the comments...hint, hint!!! ;)