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Monday, February 1, 2010

Recapitulation Time

  Friday night we had our first Quiz Tournament of the year.  It turned out to be quite exciting with lots of competition.  Our church had two experienced teams and one intermediate team.  Jared and Preston were Minot and Clarissa and I were Minot two. Our intermediate team consisted of Garret, Anthony, and Guy. 

  In the experienced division all the quizzes but two were good close quizzes.  Minot 1 lost their first quiz to Bismarck 2 on question 20 and Minot 2 lost their first quiz to Bismark 2 on question 12 (or something like that) I accomplished the task of quizzing erring out that quiz.  Both teams had to move the problem was only one team from would literally be able to.  It was the battle of minds, brothers, cousins, and pride.  Minot 2 was able to pull it out.  Minot 2 moved on and quizzed Bismarck 2, I got question 19 right which sealed the quiz.  It is now Bismark 1 versus Minot 2.  I was able to quiz out on question 19 to ice the quiz.  We had to play again.  This time it would be just as close.  When question 16 rolled around I already had seven correct but our team only had a 20 point lead.  Our team called a timeout, the quiz was seemingly over because I had to many correct.  Question 16 went to Bismarck, question 17 I interrupted on accident (I was trying to hit it on the last word and get it incorrect so that they would not be able to answer it) gave the wrong information on purpose to throw them off, it almost worked.  We are now going into the thirty point questions down by thirty and both teams top quizzer with seven correct.  London, Bismarck's top quizzer, quizzed out on question 18.  There are now two question left we are down by 70 points and there is hope.  We had to let Clarissa get question 19 and then I would be able to get question 20 and force overtime.  Clarissa hit the buzzer on question 19 and would have been correct if she would have been able to remember the reference before time ran out.  I got question 20 wrong anyways.  The question was "which two word phrase ends which two consecutive verses of chapter three and begins which verse of chapter two?"  It was a very interesting question, which I now know the answer to. 

  I didn't watch the intermediate team quiz much but they did finish in first place.  I must give them a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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