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Friday, April 9, 2010

Around the House

Sorry for not being on time with this post, but here it is. 

  This week in "Around the House" we will again talk about the weather, quizzing, and hopefully a couple of other things that are more interesting.

  Yesterday was our big day in quizzing.  It is actually the main reason why I delayed this post.  Jared and I were tested to find out whether or not we would make the team and have the opportunity to participate in the extravaganza that will be taking place in Kansas City, Missouri.  It turns out that both of us were able to dig into our bag of tricks and pull out something that the coaches liked.  We will be leaving next Wednesday which will cause me not to be able to do the "Around the House" post. 

  The weather definitely is turning towards springtime.  Matter in fact it is spring.  I don't feel any threat of snow.  I am more worried of a world wide war (WWW) than snow in North Dakota right now.  In reality I don't feel a threat of a WWW. 

  My parents left today and are heading a little bit to the south and a little bit the east to preach a couple of services down in Valley City. 

  There really hasn't been anything that interesting going on over the past week.  Easter Sunday would probably rank up there with the best of the things.  Our church had a great drama performed by Jason Sletten and Tom April.  I did not take any pictures of them because they turned the lighting way down low so you couldn't get any good pictures.  Quizzing would be up there also.  Monday night I stayed up until 1 am, Tuesday until 3 am, and Wednesday until 1 am so that I would be ready for the quiz practice.



Anonymous said...

Hey Jonathon, Minot 2 has the highest percentage of correct interrruptions.


Jonathan said...

That was my team. SWEET!