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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Extravaganza Trip Day 1

4:30 pm - We have been around the town and have visited our quiz cards.  In thirty minutes it will be time for us to start the quiz tournament.  In any time we will be leaving the hotel and heading for the church.  Right now I am tired but am going to try to rest up right before the trip.  I have to go again.

We got into Kansas City, Mo. late last night.  We were very tired and therefore was not able to update the blog.  Today we have quizzing starting at five o'clock, I am a little bit nervous.  I literally have to go right now.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Jonathan!


P.S. are you and Jared on different teams?

Anonymous said...

For the first tournament we were on different teams, but now we are on the same team.