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Monday, April 19, 2010

Extravaganza Recapitulation

Sorry about not updating the blog on Saturday, but I was so disgusted after that tournament it was not even funny.  It turns out that the experienced team took T7th while the intermediate team took T5th.  A girl from our intermediate team named Natalie took fifth on the all-tournament team with 62 ppq, while I took T5th on the all-tournament team with 47.5 ppq.  We had a great trip and ended up going to an amusement park on Saturday after quizzing.  I actually went on all the rides that everyone else went on.  You guys may not be surprised but this was a great step as far as roller coasters for me.  We started home on Sunday and got back to Minot around 11:30.  The trip home was a lot of fun and now it is time to get ready for our next tournament which will be taking place on Saturday in minot.  About the actual tournament, we lost that heartbreaker on Thursday night.  On Friday we had to wait five quizzes after lunch which ended up taking a toll on us.  We beat Bismarck and then ended up losing to Denver 1 which was a somewhat close game.  We had a chance to win the quiz going into the 30 pointers but soon after that they iced the quiz.

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