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Friday, December 3, 2010

Its not about the title, its about the post

  I am going to express my condolences to everyone that judges blog posts by its title.  This post practically does not have a title, but we are not supposed to judge things by the outside appearance because it is about the inside that counts.  Either way you should probably just go to the next post because neither side is very impressive.  But if you still want to read this post then read on and I hope that you are enlightened to things that are going on on this side of the world.

My cookies vs. their cookies
  To start off we are going to talk about how cookies are best.  I really like to eat cookie dough without chocolate chips.  It is so delicious and soft, you have to try it some time.  I have now took this a step further and bake this cookie dough into just regular cookies.  My parents and siblings do not agree with my taste buds and so I tried to please them with these late addition of chocolate chips.  You can tell that the chocolate chips are on top of the cookies instead of in the cookies.  You can also definitely tell that the cookies without chocolate chips look better than those that do have chocolate chips.

church parking lot
  While all of you guys in Oregon are able to enjoy your showers of rain, we here in North Dakota are getting sick (literally) of these flurries of snow and temperatures, including wind chill, in single digits.  Sometimes those single digits have a plus sign but other times they have a minus sign.  It has been snowing all day today, at least as long as I have been awake.  My parents had to cancel some plans because of the snow and instead spend the day at the hospital, something that they have been doing a lot lately (not because of any illness within our family).  Today we are getting by without seeing more than a mile because of the snow.

  Last and definitely least I am going to bring you the picture of the day.  By the way when I said "definitely least" that was not referring to the person in the picture but rather this part of the post.  When you tell someone that you are attending college they usually either think that you are smart and intelligent and are in the process of increasing those attributes or that you are on the dimmer side of the world and are trying to figure out how to turn the light switch on.  They also think that you are in up-to-your-ears in work and probably do not have much time for sleep.  Well the picture of today is going to show you how college students really study.  Hope you all have a great Holiday season and that all the kids are able to get a couple of days out of school because of snow.  Here is the picture...
New way to study, have computer look at you instead of you looking at computer

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