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Friday, December 10, 2010

UPDATE about our life

A singing Christmas tree
    Yeah, nothing too special about this post.  It's just about us again.  Were you really expecting an update about something that would really be beneficial to your every day life.  You were?  Oh, my bad, I misunderstood you.  I thought you said yes.  I will stop this nonsense and start talking about something more sensible.  As you may have noticed there is a picture of a Christmas tree with lights on it at the top of this post.  The Christmas tree is rather impressive because people can walk into this Christmas, sing and then it can be called a singing Christmas tree.  It is so creative that someone had to create it about thirty years ago.  God just doesn't make brains like he used to. 

  Last week our youth group went to the Dickens Festival in Garrison, North Dakota.  We went there for the parade and drama that happens there every year.  While we were watching the parade I did not have a chance to take a picture.  My excuse for this crime is because it was to cold and short.  The play, which was called "Tiny Tim's Christmas", did not allow for pictures to be taken during the action.  Every they do a play that is based on "The Christmas Carol".  This year they made Tiny Tim the Scrooge.  Tiny Tim owned a little toy shop but did not treat his employees or customers in a friendly matter.  Nonetheless the little shop was successful.  The Scrooge died about three weeks before Christmas Eve.  In the play the Scrooge played the role of Jared Marley and haunted Tiny Tim.  It was very interesting and enjoyable. 

Cherry Cordials

  I am sure that pretty soon people will be ranting about all their Christmas goodies that they are making.  That is good for you all and I will be happy that you have once again found a way to stock up on the goodies in the Christmas season so you can have a new years resolution to lose weight.  I think I do this every year.  This year I decided not only to rant about the Christmas goodies but also rave about them.  My mother has already make sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, and ginger snaps.  Who in the world created the names of these cookies?  For instance, lets take sugar cookies.  Doesn't every cookie have sugar in it?  What does snickerdoodles have to do with anything?  I am not even to start talking about ginger snaps, I don't like them.  Today she started making cherry cordials, peanut butter balls, and coconut balls.  I understand that your keyboard is probably ruined right now because of all the saliva that has dripped out of your mouth onto your keyboard, but please hold with me until this post is over.  Some of these cherry cordials we are going to have to sacrifice and give them to the church for our Christmas cookie trays that are compiled every year.  But boy am I going to enjoy those peanut butter balls.  You put one into
The peanut butter balls are missing their chocolate
your mouth and let it melt away until it is gone, when you get to this point you put another one into your mouth.  We haven't even been able to get to talk about the coconut balls, but that is alright.  Somethings are better if you don't talk about them.  If I were to talk about those coconut balls you would become so jealous that you would come to my house and try to rob us.  I have one more picture I am going to put on this post.  It is one that might surprise some but is probably the starting of something new.  I am going to call this portion the picture of the post.  Remember the comment section is open to anyone that would like to comment about any of the pictures on this post or any of the random and confusing thoughts that I try to put together in a semi-sensible matter.   But anyways here is the picture...
That is my dad


Candice said...

Jonathan, you crack me up! I enjoy reading your family blog. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!!

By the way, every time I see your header picture, it reminds me of a joke I once heard...

Why do gorillas have such big noses?

Because they have big fingers! :)

Jonathan said...

I like the joke. Hope you guys had a Happy New Year also.