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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Transition Ceremony

  Yesterday we became famous.  We took a trip down to Bismarck to be with now former governor Hoeven and then governor-elect Dalrymple.  We spent around 45 minutes listening to them talk about how North Dakota has improved since they became governor and lieutenant governor, respectively.  The meeting started at 11:30 but we decided that we would not be late and showed about an hour early.  During this time we were interviewed and are now an internet sensation with the two-line paragraph that was published on the Fargo Forum's (it is the third paragraph from the bottom) website.  After the meeting was over we decided to turn down luch with the former governor, governor, and lieutenant governor (Drew Wrigley).  We needed to get to other important things.  It was very interesting to see how things work in a meeting that all the congressman are at.  There were more standing ovations than I could fathom which were all put to the rest with the sound of a gavel hitting wood.  Everything had to have a second in order for it to happen all the way down to the governor-elect entering and exiting the room.  Good thing that is not the way it is at home because nothing would get done then.

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