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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coolness Unlimited

  Last week I did something that may seem out of the ordinary to some, but it was something that I hope becomes ordinary about me; I went skiing.  Yes, I did the same risky business last year and I survived to tell about it.  Yes, I did go skiing down a couple of inclines in Bottineau early this year.  There is just something about going to the real mountains in Montana and risk life and limb for a little bit of entertainment.  Last Thursday we started the trek west to Red Lodge we made into the small little town very early Friday morning.  The fellow maniacs that made the trip would include Bro. and Sis. Dennis and Cindy Sletten, Sis. Wendy, Preston, and Garret, Bro. and Sis. Jim and Misty Pearson, Brian, Kaya, and last but definitely not least myself.  Later Friday the Jason Sletten family would arrive in Red Lodge.  Saturday morning we took to the slopes and had a great day skiing.  No one got hurt and everybody had fun.  Sunday we once again risked our lives and went really fast down really steep mountains.  We all had a great time.  I am definitely looking forward to my next opportunity to go do that awesome thing called skiing.  But for now I must once again turn my mind towards Bible Quizzing and hope that the verse implant operation that I had earlier this year will pay off.  It is the steroid for Bible Quizzing and it is a good thing that such a thing does not exist because I do not need the temptation.  I wish that all of you would trust me and realize that even if such a thing existed I would not use it.  All for now!

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