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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Riches to Rags

  Dakota Square Mall here in Minot seems to be a very nice, family friendly store.  But as things are in life, this is deceiving.  Yesterday, Jared and I took a venture to this place to get some shopping done.  Why else would I got to the mall?  We decided to leave and then once we had exited the mall decided to go to one more store.  After his happened you just knew something special was in "store" for us.  We just entered the Barnes and Nobles entrance when I found one of those strollers that if returned you would receive a $1.00 in quarters.  Feeling a little on the crazy side of things I decided that this would be just dandy.  I could go buy me a pop without noticing on the bottom line at the end of the month.  As soon as I came up the crazy idea Jared decided that walking with me through the mall would not be a good idea.  Let me explain the layout of the mall before I go any further.  On one side of the mall is Target, on the exact opposite side of the mall is JCPenney.  Foot Locker is about three stores down from JCPenney and Barnes and Nobles is about the same distance from Target.  With the destination of Foot Locker in mind and knowing that there was a return place for such strollers very close I decided that I would return it at that end of the mall.  Trying to downplay the effect of having two teenage boys pushing a stroller through the mall I told my brother "I am bringing this to mom" to which he replied "You would seriously lie about that?". After enduring the question "Do you have a license to drive that?" from a Barnes and Noble employee and many stares I made it to the return place.  I was trying to get the crazy stroller back into the return thing and it would just not go.  For some reason the pieces were just not adding together.  Some gentlemen, seeing the state of distress that I was in, came to me and said "that stroller is suppose to go into the return place by Target".  Talk about embarrassing?!?!? I had just pushed the stroller through the mall to realize that it needed to go to the opposite side of the mall.  No, I did not endure any more stares.  I just walked away from the naughty thing.  I think I learned my lesson, or at least till next time.

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