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Monday, June 14, 2010

Musings from Minot

  The last little bit has been a little bit hectic.  Sorry about the lack of posts on this blog.  In reality there has not been anything of much interest to post about.  Some of the highlights of the week was when the England goalie fumbled the ball into his goal for a point for the USA.  When ever soccer brings you one of the memorable things in your week you know something is wrong. 

  Thursday of this week we will be tested by our quiz coaches to see how ready we are for finals.  My understanding is that everyone will quiz at finals, but possibly not nationals.  Jared and I know all of our material but are still attempting to study hard for finals.  We definitely want to get first place.  This is Jared's last year and we want it to be memorable.

  The weather here in North Dakota is so unpredictable.  One day is rainy and very gloomy and then the next it is sunny.  From Thursday to Saturday of last week it was terrible.  There was rain and clouds, I hardly ever had a chance to see a blue sky.  Then on Sunday, after much prayer, it turned out to be a nice sunny day in which we had a wonderful softball game after church.  My team won, but that would be another story.

  It sounds as if the weather my be turning for the better for the people in Oregon which would be good for them.  They deserve a little bit of sun every once in awhile.  The difference between the rain in North Dakota and Oregon is in Oregon you expect it in North Dakota you expect snow not rain.  We get it all here. 


Anonymous said...

Since when did you become a soccer fan.


Jonathan said...

I am a soccer fan primarily for the World Cup. They tied again today 2-2. They had a third goal which was called off. Very much a bummer.