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Friday, June 4, 2010

News from Minot

  WOWSER!  The last week has been crazy.  Sorry about not keeping the blog up-to-date.  My parents have experienced a safe voyage to Nebraska and back.  My Grandma Odum is doing fine.  Last I knew she was able to walk with a walker and was doing some rehab.  She will be spending some time down in Arkansas with one of her daughters until she has fully recuperated and then will head back up to Nebraska. 

  Nothing too much has really happened since I last posted.  School is out for everyone in this family for the year, that is good.  Finals is coming upon us fast and furiously in quizzing. And the weather can not decide whether or not to turn summer.  When the thing you are worried about the most is the weather you are doing pretty good.  I hope that everyone else is having a great start to their summer!


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