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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Program

In the midst of the cold, hustling and bustling we had our Christmas Program last Sunday.  It went great!  In the picture on the top and to the left you can see my dad and sister all dressed up for church, something I didn't do.  Due to the fact that we were having our Christmas Drama we did not have to dress up for church.  In the second picture  to your right you can see Jessica and the many other Sunday School kids performing their performance.  They did a fantastic job singing "Joy to the World" and giving us the legend of the candy cane.  I would say history but as we all should know a legend could very easily be a myth so it possibly could be inaccurate to call this the history of the candy cane.  After all the kids were done performing they thought that it would be a nice time for the youth and adults to perform their drama.  We could and probably should end this post here, but I must go on.  On the third picture to your left you can see Jared playing the role of Joseph.  Every boy has to play that role at least once in his life just to build memories it seems.  Jared did a fine job, I would expend some more time on him but I think you all know what Joseph does in every single Christmas play.  One thing that was different in this play unlike a lot of other plays was the fact that there was a lot of music (they are holding mics in the picture because they are singing).  Next, we come to the role that I played in this play.  I also was a husband, except my wife was bossy.  I am trying to sleep and she come and tells me to get up and get to work.  In the bottom left picture you see me talking with a friend about how we always are getting told to get up and get to work.  The play turned out great. It never ceases to amaze me how you can go through practice for one of those things and everyone will be goofing off and having a grand old time, but then the Saturday before the play when you have your big practice they all settle down and you are able to get it all together.  This year I had to wonder whether or not it was all gonna come together but in the end it was fantastic.
Merry Christmas everyone!


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