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Monday, December 14, 2009

Dickens Festival

This year we had the pleasure of attending the Dickens Festival.  The Festival take place in a small little town in North Dakota called Garrison.  During the day they will have a tea, a house tour, bus rides around the town on a really cool and old bus, and food.  The tea was a fine thing, about as good as a tea could be for a teenage boy.  The house tour was very interesting considering the fact that the house was probably built in the early nineteen hundreds and was completely renovated.  We never actually went on the bus ride but it looked really cool.  It is the only double decker bus in the Midwest.  The opportunity to talk about the food in finally here.  The first few words that would come to mind would be grand, delicious, interesting, and decipherable (OK maybe not the last word).  I had the pleasure of eating some Swedish Buffalo meatballs which were very good and I was able to try this hamburger which was inside some deep fried sour dough bread, or something like that.  But again it was all very good and I believe we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

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