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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 09

We had a great Christmas.  We definitely missed not having the opportunity to enjoy this Christmas with our extended family, but nonetheless it was great.  Jessica's job was waking everybody up early in the morning to open gifts.  By her standards she did a great job, she woke us all up before 10 o'clock.  After the gifts were opened we had breakfast and a few hours later dinner.  Once all that was pretty much settled in our stomachs my dad and I played a few games on one-on-one to work it all off.  Jared has been battling a little bit with his knee lately so he was not able to play.  After that we wasted the last few hours of the day and went to bed.  This was our Christmas.


The Witmer's said...

Since you don't have a New Years post yet Jonathan I am wish you the best first! Happy New Year and may God Bless you all abundantly this year!

Jonathan said...

Stinky! Someone was on the computer and I didn't feel like going downstairs and using my computer. Happy New Years!