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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Extravaganza Trip Day 1

  Today was an adventurous in the life of the quiz team.  First of all, after leaving on time from the church, we stopped in a place called Minot and had some lunch.  Then, we started our trek to Moline with a slight detour in a town which, for the sake of time, we shall call Fergus Falls.  We stopped there to eat at a place which would be known to you all as Arby's.  We had to take one more stop at a place which would be considered a "rest stop".  Around an hour later we arrived in a small town outside the metropolitan of Minneapolis called Bloomington.  We stayed at a motel called the "Le Bourget Aero Suites" which turned out to be a very nice place to spend the night.  Tomorrow we will continue our trek to Moline and start the extravaganza, hopefully we will end it on top.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun! Good luck on your quizzing :)