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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Extravaganza Trip Day 4

  Sorry about not saying anything about what happened yesterday at quizzing.  It turns out we lost our first quiz of the day yesterday against Bismarck.  Our last quiz was cancelled because of the time.  We had to quiz the first quiz of the day today.  We came out on fire.  And won.  That quiz we played against Hazelwood, Missouri.  The next quiz we had to quiz was against Denver 1.  That quiz we were not as fortunate in because of me blowing it at the end.   It ended up that we finished fourth place out of thirteen experienced teams.  I was able to finish first place on the all-tournament team with 112 ppq.  Our fellow North Dakota team finished 2nd place after being the undefeated team in the first round.  London was the only person from that team to make it on the all-tournament averaging around 75 ppq.   After quizzing we hit the road and made it to Minneapolis.  We enjoyed a great meal at the Cheesecake Factory.  Before we left we walked all around the building.  Very comical.  Tomorrow we will be enjoying ourselves at a certain mall which is rather famous but I will not tell so that we do not disclose our location. 


Anonymous said...

You already disclosed your location!!! haha! Minneapolis! :) Just sayin'...

Great Job quizzing!

Jonathan said...

Just tryin to keep ya on your toes.