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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Around the House

  This week in "Around the House" we are going to cover a variety of subjects.  Some of these subjects may include quizzing, Jessica's B-Day, and a couple of other things that are going on.  I was going to try to include some audio of Jared preaching from about a year ago, but I was unsuccessful.  If blogger ever comes out with a way to do that I will definitely post his message.
  I though you all might be interested to know that this day 30 years ago the great Olympic runner Jesse Owens passed from this earth.  Nothing of great interest to me happened today in history, as far as I know.  Yesterday was the day that Ronald Reagan was shot many years ago.

 Since this is the family blog I will post something about what is going on in North Dakota sometime in this post, but other things seem a lot more interesting.  Alright everything that was interesting is no longer interesting and I will say something about the family.

 As I mentioned earlier Jessica had her Birthday Party, it was a grand occasion.  It turns out that I found some more pictures and since that is the one thing that interests a lot of people I will put them on the blog.  I hope you enjoy them.

 It was around ten days ago that the calendar said that it was time for spring.  In North Dakota a lot of times we are late for spring but early for winter.  This year it turns out we will actually be able to have a spring.  The snow is not all the way done melting but things are progressing quite speedily.  For the past few days the temperature has been hanging in the 50s and 60s.  It is almost hot enough to get a heat stroke, well maybe not.

  It is time to talk about the lovely subject of quizzing.  We have been working pretty hard, at least harder than the past few years in quizzing.  We are working very hard right now to make the team for our extravaganza which will be happening between April 15-17 in Kansas City, Mo.  We have to know through Acts 20:38 by April 8th which is 111 new verses since our last tournament which was March 27.  That is around a week and a half to learn 111 which makes for us to be learning around 10 new verses a day.

  This is really off the subject, but yesterday me and my dad played some basketball.  I wore my shirt inside-out on accident until I realized that I was wearing it inside-out and then I decided I would keep it that way.  It really helped me while I was playing basketball.  My shot was going down, I think it gave me that extra step you need in order to be real successful at basketball.  I told you it was a little bit off the wall but, hey, you read it!

  I hope you guys really enjoyed this week of "Around the House".  If you would like to read lasts week post then click here.  Thanks for stopping at our blog!

Oh yea, almost forgot.  I would like to give a shout-out to whoever left a couple of reactions on the posts about Jessica's Birthday.  If you think birthdays are funny, more power to you.  This is a good shout-out and if you ever get one on this blog you should be very proud.  They don't come very often.  So yea, thanks for leaving a reaction.

Some random photos...

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