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Friday, March 5, 2010

Oregon Trip Day 1

Here we are in the state of Oregon once again.  We are in our hotel room and are rather tired and ready to hit the hay.  But I figured I would crucify that thought and let it resurrect in the three minutes.  After starting out travels at around 4:00 pm Central Time we made it to Oregon at around 11:00 pm Pacific Time.  For all of you brilliant scholars out there that is nine hours of traveling.  We arrived at the airport and was greeted by forty degree weather, my grandma and grandpa, and Sis. Marita Buck.  After several long minutes we finally we able to steal away with our rental car and the luggage in the back.  After driving by the church we made it to our hotel room and are now starting to relax and relax and think about sleeping, but that is to much work.  I am going to put thoughts into actions and hit the hay.

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