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Friday, March 5, 2010

Oregon Trip Day 2 (Updated 12:12)

(12:12) Although it is officially Saturday I am going to act like I am still in Friday because I still have not got all the sleep I have been ranting about.  We enjoyed a great service and banquet.  Bro. Langely did a great job and we had much fun meeting up with some more of our friends.  The banquet was fabulous.  The food, especially the desert, was awesome.  Tomorrow my dad will be preaching.  Good Night!

(4:53) We just got done going around town and checking out the sites.  We had a fabulous time re-meeting the people from the church.  We went shopping, made it all the way out to Washington Square and had a opportunity to see the great starting SF for the Portland Trail Blazers Nicolas Batum.  The guy is tall and his mom (or at least I think his mom) is also very tall.  She went up to his shoulders.  You have to understand something here, this guy is 6'9, he is a giant in my world.  After we gorged ourselves in some fabulous food we went and did some more shopping.  If I thought that I was tired early today, I am extremely tired now.  On this note I will go ahead and take a nap.

Boy does that time change kill a man.  Here it is 8:47 I have already taken my shower and ate breakfast.  Seriously, this is suppose to be a type of vacation from waking up early in the morning.  The bad news is when I get home I will be waking and up at 10:30 and be extremely tired and realize that I am a couple of hours late for school.  But isn't that what we have to deal with in life, lack of sleep.  Right now I feel sleep deprived but know that I won't be able to sleep for another few hours.  Today there will definently be a nap.  On other news there may not be many pictures of this trip going onto the blog.  As it is I do not put a lot of pictures on the blog, but for this trip I forgot my camera.  In order to take pictures you need something to do it with even in this techno day of age.  I am sure I will post something else later, so until then I hope everyone gets some great sleep.

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